Customers Reviews

"The muffins are designed and made without a flaw! Small details on the top of the muffins are taken care of and handled properly such as the sprinkles and ingredients added into the muffins."
‐ AMei, 46 years old

"The muffins are made daily and are very fresh. My mother and I ate once from Krufflins and we couldn't stop craving for more! Will definitely order for more in future! "
‐ JJ Lin, 38 years old

"The quality of muffins that were made by Krufflins were top notch and delicious! Ordered previously for a family gathering and many of us loved it! Moist and sweet, Krufflins creates the perfect combination of what a Muffin is! Great Job!"
‐ G.E.M. , 27 years old

About Us

Krufflins is founded back in 2018 by Yung Kang as his team and himself have a deep love for Muffins and the name Krufflins came about from Crafting with love and Muffin. We use the word craft as baking muffins are like an art, we make it with love and passion and it would turn out expectedly good!

We also thought of healthier options so for us, we try our best to minimize our sugar level and make it diabetic-friendly! From toddlers to elderlies could enjoy our healthy mufffins and at the same time, not to worry for any side effects of eating too much!